Monday, September 29, 2008

The worst moment in my life...

Arrgh!!!!!for the first time in my life perhaps, never ever met the worst moment....Oh my god!!!
for sure there w'd be a few lessons beyond the destiny. Allah loves His servants. Always thinks positive. so that my eyes will not be getting all readers, sometimes i can't afford for the failures..i got failed in my past mid sem exams..n not even an A in any subject taken..but i will never take this for granted. i assumed that this is a new challenging time for me to show that dakwah never ever cut me from being succeed in academic. N i ever realized that ive a new lackness which i must overcome it before it become worst n worst..TIME MANAGEMENT..I hope that in my final exam, ill prove to other people that islam is easy as long as we follows n obeys HIS rules. to all my frenz, pray for me as well as u'll pray for ur parents n beloved one. May Allah gives us a tremendous strength to do well academically n spiritually in all circumstances of our life. Forgives me Allah. Lead me towards success in this world n the hereafter.

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Ibnu Ahmad Zhaki said...


Insya ALLAH, saya bakal menduduki peperiksaan Diploma International Baccalaureate pada 4-13

November 2008 ini. Dipohon sungguh-sungguh agar anda sudi sentiasa mendoakan kejayaan saya dan

rakan-rakan di sini dalam peperiksaan dan program diploma ini dan insya ALLAH seterusnya melepasi

kelayakan minimum pihak Petronas bagi melanjutkan pengajian peringkat ijazah sarjana muda sains

(geologi). Semoga sentiasa didoakan kemudahan, keberkatan dan segala-galanya yang menyebabkan

tercapainya hajat ini.

Terima kasih. Semoga ALLAH s.w.t. mengurniakan kepada anda sebaik-baik balasan.

al-Haqir ilaLLAh,
Mohd Ikhwan bin Ahmad Zhaki